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Prices and Availability

I try to keep a violin and at at least one size of viola available for players to try, but in practise the availability of instruments can vary from half a dozen to only one [or occasionally none at all.]

Have a look at my Facebook page to see what I am working on at the moment, or contact me to find out my future plans. I am happy to give first refusal on an instrument I have not yet made.

I also occasionally offer instruments on a hire/purchase basis for students and young professionals. For more information click here.

My current prices are:    

£8,500 to £9,000 for a violin

£9,000 to £9,500 for a viola

£16,000 to £18,000 for a cello.

Instruments currently available for sale -

Click on  the images to enlarge the pictures

For more information  about any of these instruments,or if you would like to try one, please click here.

belly of Guarneri del Gesu model violin back of Guarneri del Gesu model violin scroll of Guarneri del Gesu model violin

Viola 15 ¼ “ modelled on Anselmo Belosio, Venice

back of Belosio model viola front of Belosio model viola

The smallest of my violas, this instrument is almost feels like a violin to play. Nonetheless it has a good viola sound with a powerful C string and it is even across the strings.

A model I don’t make very often, this violin has a broad powerful sound, particularly at the bottom. This was a difficult instrument to get to sound properly, but with changes to the bridge and sondpost it is now ‘on song.’

Cello based on Matteo Gofriller, Venice

front of Gofriller model cello front of Gofriller model cello back of Gofriller model cello Gofriller model cello scroll

This full size cello has  has a rich growl to the lower strings and  clarity and width at the top.

Violin based on Guarneri del Gesu

Viola, based on Andrea Guarneri 16 1/8 “

Violin based on Anselmo Bellosio, Venice

Pietro Guarneri model viola frontl of Pietro Guarneri model viola scroll of Pietro Guarneri model viola back of Pietro Guarneri model viola

One of my most common models, there is great character in the core of the sound of this violin.

Viola in the style of Pietro Guarneri, 15 1/2”

A good viola big sound from this little viola,  and even across the strings.

The biggest viola I make, though still medium sized at 16 1/8”. With a small scroll and a reasonable length neck this is a very playable viola, but with the advantages of a body of this size.