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When making a violin my first consideration is to choose a model which will produce the type of sound I am looking for, and which suits my style of working. I like an instrument to be not only responsive and easy to play, but also interesting to listen to - an instrument you don’t want to put down. It should speak easily whilst still having enough bite and resistance to push against to produce the full sound. To be interesting the  sound must have character, my own preference being for instruments which have depth, and a certain amount of darkness, combined with  focus and clarity.

The model I have used most frequently is of the Venetian maker, Anselmo Belosio. These instruments produce a deep, rich and focused sound with good carrying power. My newer Pietro Guarneri of Venice model is, if anything, darker in character but retains refinement and projection. My latest instrument of this model is played by the leader of the Hallé orchestra, Lyn Fletcher.

I also have made a few violins based on an instrument by G B Guadagnini. This produces a broader sound than my other models, whilst maintaining enough focus and character to make it carry to the back of the hall.  Similar in tonal characteristics is the most recent Guarneri del Gesu model violin.


Violin byBritish violin maker, William Castle in 2006, played by David Angel Violin made by English violin maker, William Castle, in 2012

“Earlier this month I played a recital on it; easily the most I’ve ever enjoyed solo playing, partly owing to the confidence I had that the 'Castle' would come through, whatever the piano did.”

     -   David Angel, Maggini Quartet

Belosio model violin played by Karin Leishman of the Alberni quartet

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