Viola based on Andrea Guarneri

This instrument is open, free, and it is easy to produce a sound. It is even across the strings, with a wonderful middle range. Unlike most of my other instruments which have an antiqued look, this viola is ‘as new.’


This is  the viola model I have made most frequently, because it works so well. The sound has a relaxed refinement coupled with power and attack. The A string is powerful without too much edginess, the middle two strings tend to have that lovely mid-range viola sound and the C string is strong whilst blending with the G and D strings.



Length of back 412mm  [16 ¼ “]

Neck length 141

Open string length 369

Body stop 222

Width, upper bouts 196

Width, c bouts 142

Width, lower bouts 244



Try on Approval

I offer instruments on approval for a period of two to three weeks. You’re welcome to collect an instrument from my workshop, or if I am attending an event near you, I am happy to arrange a meeting place, or bring it to you. Every instrument is covered by my insurance whilst on approval.

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