Viola based on Pietro Guarneri of Venice

This viola is free and open, responsive and powerful all across the strings, the sound getting a slight plaintive air on the higher strings, yet still with breadth and power. The size, at 15 ½” without a long neck makes it easy to play.


This model is a very popular small viola. I based it on a violin of Pietro Guarneri of Venice, except it is obviously longer, and proportionally wider with gentler archings to give a good viola sound. My aim with these small violas is to maintain a rich central section with a strong C string, whilst still having an A string which is both warm and projecting.



Length of back 394mm   [15 1/2 “]
Neck length 139
Open string length 363
Body stop 220
Width, upper bouts 196
Width, c bouts 140
Width, lower bouts 235



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