Violin based on Anselmo Bellosio

This is a powerful instrument, with a focused sound which responds well to bow pressure. The lower range in particular has real depth and intensity with a sizzling E string.



This violin is one of my most frequently made models. They all tend to have a deep rich tone, with multiple layers to the sound.


Length of back 356mm [14″ ]

Neck length  130

Open string length 328

Body stop 195

Width, upper bouts 170

Width, c bouts 115

Width, lower bouts 208



Try on Approval

I offer instruments on approval for a period of two to three weeks. You’re welcome to collect an instrument from my workshop, or if I am attending an event near you, I am happy to arrange a meeting place, or bring it to you. Every instrument is covered by my insurance whilst on approval.

If you would like to talk to me about this instrument, ring me on 01948 880608

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I’m happy to talk about instruments anytime, whether you’re a soloist in an orchestra or a keen amateur. Call me to talk through what you’re looking for.
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