As an instrument maker for over 35 years, and as a musician, I know that musicians are looking for something special in the instrument they play.

It is not just that an instrument needs to be comfortable and easy to play; nor is it merely a matter of producing a good sound, though these things are essential. Beyond these fundamental requirements, a musician needs to be able to produce their own sound, and to do that they need an instrument that works so well for them that it becomes an extension of themselves.
When someone does find the right instrument, it is a delight, but not every instrument is suitable for every player, so much of this web site is devoted to understanding the process of choosing of an instrument, as well as giving an insight into my approach to making instruments.

There are many factors which affect the sound of a violin, viola or cello, the technical aspects such as the set up, choice of wood etc., but of greater importance is the conception, the intention, the experience and the fluidity of work peculiar to the individual violin maker. It is the combination of all these things, developed over time, which produces the quality of sound that becomes a maker’s hallmark

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Taking the next step with your playing by changing your instrument is a big decision. Whether you are a professional, amateur or student, especially if you have played your current instrument for a long time, the process can seem daunting.

Over the years that I’ve been making instrument and talking to musicians, I have experienced this process many times, so I know just how important it is, and understand the questions that are going through a musician’s mind. If you want to talk to me by phone, I’m here to help you at any time, but I realise that at the beginning of your search you may not know what you want to ask.

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