Cello based on Andrea Guarneri

This cello has a rich tone which already sounds mature. It has great presence throughout, from a lovely resonant C string, to the A string which has projection, width and warmth. Being the size of many old English cellos, [and some classical Italian ones too!] with a slightly short string length, it is easy to play, especially for someone with small hands. But be in no doubt, this sounds like a proper cello!


This is my most common cello model. The body of the cello is 1” shorter than average, as is the open string length, so the left-hand stretches are easy. The body, however, is reasonably wide and has good arching shapes so the cello produces a big sound. Like the original, the wood for the back, ribs and scroll is poplar, which gives a warmer sound than maple.


Length of back 723mm  [28 ½”]

Neck length 270

Open string length 662

Body stop 385

Width, upper bouts 345

Width, c bouts 250

Width, lower bouts 430



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