Violin based on Pietro Guarneri, Venice

This violin has a good balance of soul and clarity, the sound has focus, with depth and intensity particularly on the G string, whilst the E has the clarity that carries whilst maintaining breadth of sound. A friend who is an excellent violinist and who has played most of my recent violins likes this one best, [except for the one his wife has!]



This violin is based on one of the first classical Italian instruments I ever saw, made in Venice in 1742. The original instrument was beautiful, full of charisma, with deep red varnish. I have used this model numerous times, though I usually make the archings slightly lower and less severe than the original, to get a more powerful sound.


Length of back 354mm [13 15/16 “]
Neck length  130
Open string length 329
Body stop 195
Width, upper bouts 169
Width, c bouts 116
Width, lower bouts 204



Try on Approval

I offer instruments on approval for a period of two to three weeks. You’re welcome to collect an instrument from my workshop, or if I am attending an event near you, I am happy to arrange a meeting place, or bring it to you. Every instrument is covered by my insurance whilst on approval.

If you would like to talk to me about this instrument, ring me on 01948 880608

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